Acryl painting

Acrylic painting, which was only created in the 1950s, has, in short time, developed into the most widely used technique and enjoys great popularity. It is modern, expressionistic and versatile, e.g. several layers of paint on top of each other make embossed contours possible. Moods and emotions are expressively transported to the canvas by means of color compositions, light reflections and small accents. An advantage over oil paints is that acrylic paints dry quickly and are odorless. Therefore, an acrylic painting is an ideal medium for your personal and individual wall design. An interior according to your imagination and taste, whether for private use or for offices, practices, hospitals or the like. I would be happy to professionally advise you and help realize your desired motif, specifically for you.


If you have any questions about my projects or would like to commission a painting, I will be happy to advise you and prepare an individual and perfectly tailored offer. I look forward to your inquiry.